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150W HPS Fixture


Product origin : Shenzhen

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3-5 million pcs/month

HPSMH150W-FEN Fixture

(Specialized Light Source for Grow Lights on Regulating Chrysanthemum Flowering)


Technology ItemsSpecification/Parameters
Region AppliedU.S.A Canada AustraliaChinaetc.
Industry AppliedGrow Lighting,Industry LightingIndoor Only
Output PowerMax 150W
Input Voltage220V
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor0.97

Open/Short Circuit Protection,Bulb Faulty Protection,

Bulb Aging Protection

Operating Temperature-20~+45
Lamp AvailableSingle Ended HPS/MH150W
Requirement Of InstallmentComply With ETL,CE Certificate
WarrantyFree Replacement Within 3 Years For Ballast 1 Year For Light

Product Advantage:

1、The first specialized digital electronic fixture to regulate chrysanthemum flowering

2、 Input Power :150W, Input Voltage :220V/380V 

3、 A highly efficient, secure, energy-saving and durable Product

      ①Comes with a patented digital ballast allowing for 97% efficiency but low consumption.

      ②The specialized and highly efficiently HPS lamp allowing for low lamp failure but no less than 1251m/W of luminous efficiency

      ③A reflector comes with specialized and multi-lens solution allowing for high reflectivity

      ④Easy to lighting solutions making the light shine evenly

      ⑤A reflector uses ALANOD material with a reflectivity of 97%

      ⑥Comes with multi functions to secure operation (Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection);

      ⑦Comes with the moisture proof, waterproof and corrosion resistant design protecting against damages.

      ⑧An industrial ceramic lamp socket makes your operation more secure and prolongs the life time also.

      ⑨Full aluminum material supports efficient heat dissipation and carries none noise


4、Small in size and carries less weight      

5、Use for different indoor rooms

6、Saving your time using the rope or hook (optional) for your installation.

7、2-year warranty service for the power supply together with one-year warranty service of the lamp (carries the lifetime of no less than 10,000 hours)     


1、Supports a long lifetime ranging between 8000 and 10000 hours

2、Matching a digital circuit design achieves the power factor in no less than 0.97

3、Using ALANOD material for the reflector, which achieves 97% of reflectivity and high luminous efficiency

4、Patented ceramic socket makes it more secure and reliable

5、Easy installation because of the equipped rope and hook

Lighting distribution

5000 Lux Average 2m of Vertical Distance

Designed by Nanolux in USA       Intelligent Manufacturing in Shenzhen

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