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Ceramic Mental Halide 630w


Product origin : Shenzhen

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 3-5 million pcs/month

Ceramic Mental Halide 630w

Bulb M(MAXPAR630W DE CMH 4K AH without the explosion-proof function

color temperature(K)4114

R:G:B20.2% : 74.8%:5.0%

Color Rendering Index(Ra)96.9

luminous flux(ML)63540

Luminous Efficiency(ML/W)92.05


PAR WATT(mW)235820

Glass Envelope (L*Dia)mm)325*32.5



1Certificated by ANSI(International Standard).

2High efficiency focused on plant growth.

3Secure output for PAR.

4All spectrum with the function of long service life, high reliability and increasing photosynthesis.

5Additional lighting and output for PAR.

6Specialized high efficient grow lights for greenhouse.

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