Yunnan, China Rose Plantation

Yunnan, China Rose Plantation

Lighting solution:

• Greenhouse: 17480mM²

• Total ballasts: 1341pcs;

   Irradiated 13M² per ballast

• Input voltage: 380V AC,

  1000W±10% Per ballast

• Total electricity consumption:





this solution helps to increase 20% productivity,shorten grow period at least from 15 or 20 days and speed up the ripening.Product quality has been significantly improved,which makes total income of the growers have increased by at least 30%.


Russian Rose Plantation

5882 Nanolux HPS1000W digital electronic ballasts are applied into the 5,0000-square-meter greenhouse. Show you the exterior and interior scenario. Simulation to the sunlight in winter, and our ballasts also provide the best energy for crops. 

Customized solution for light distribution by Nanolux will increase the yield and quality.We are looking foaward to making this a win-win business with you .

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